Native Harvest

Native Harvest is the latest addition to Sanctuary Cove’s melting pot. The venue showcases sustainably sourced, native Australian spices, such as smoked salt flakes from the Murray Darling basin and Tasmanian-grown pepperberry alongside lemon myrtle, wattleseed and Davidson plum to elevate familiar breakfast and lunch faves into something memorable. Just some of the morsels on offer include wild rosella and macadamia muesli drizzled with caramelised pineapple vegan ‘honey’ from Tropical Fruit World and chilli scramble with feta, parmesan and a hint of bush-tomato-infused chilli oil. Those who are in the mood for lunch-time bites can munch on a charred corn and roasted pumpkin salad, wild-plum pork bao buns and a wild beef burger featuring pepperberry, native thyme, caramelised onion and bush-tomato relish. Thursty? Sip Silipo Coffee, native teas, cold-pressed juices, or jazz up your morning meal with brunch cocktails including a native berry gin fizz, wild citrus mimosa and a seriously tasty lemon-myrtle margarita rimmed with finger lime and dried pepperberry for a little added kick.

Native Harvest is available for private events and they do take reservations. Oh, they’re also dog friendly, so you can bring the whole fam along.


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