Morena Espresso

Dubbed by regulars as Mermaid’s new cultural and creative hub, Morena Espresso is a colourful cafe owned by couples Stefan Bradley and Bel Pesuntes, and Javier Aqilar and Jesu Nuñez, who hail from New Zealand, Ecuador and Chile respectively. Drawing on their combined heritage, Morena owes its name to the Spanish translation meaning ‘brown-haired girl’ or alternatively, in Maori meaning ‘good morning’. Not just a place to chill out, the cafe also acts somewhat as a gallery, showcasing local artwork, fashion pieces, jewellery and skincare. Using a strong but sweet blend from Marvell Street Coffee Roasters, the coffee is the true masterpiece of the cafe, which can be enjoyed with simple yet delicious snacks such as acai smoothies, ham and cheese toasties, and vegan and gluten-free sweet treats.


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