Mei Wei Dumplings

If dumplings are your thing, then imagine watching them be hand-crafted into mouth-watering creations right in front of your eyes. Well, at The Star Gold Coast’s new Mei Wei Dumplings, there’s a 2.6 metre viewing panel over the dumpling assembly area, so you won’t miss a thing. Mei Wei, which translates to ‘delicious’, is being driven by Mandarin and Cantonese flavours with the menu to feature 50 unique dishes, from Xia Jiao (prawn dumplings) to Xiao Long Bao (mini soup buns). In developing the menu, the Mei Wei chefs introduced 120 new ingredients to Jupiters … yes, 120. Let’s put it into context – the Shanghai Noodles with Taiwanese-style beef is made from 31 ingredients. Intriguing, right? It’s dishes like that which are best left to the professionals – and we’ll happily leave our appetites in their hands.


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