Lockwood is a new speakeasy bar, located in the alleyway called Justin’s Lane, which runs behind eatery Justin Lane through to West Street in Burleigh Heads. There are around 140 different bottles of spirits that have been hand-selected and placed behind the Lockwood’s impressive cement-topped, timber-clad bar – and around half of those are whiskies. Oh, and there’s no soft drink. That’s right, not a single drop of sugar-laden effervescent in sight. The only mixers you’ll find are tonic and soda water. So, if you’re a ‘scotch and coke’ type of person, then the crew will happily create a similar sweet-tasting concoction, using only mixers that compliment the spirits being used. The reason? This is good booze – they treat it with respect, and we should be drinking it with respect, so there’s no need to be drowning out the taste and quality with colas and lemonades – it makes complete sense, and it totally sets the scene for Lockwood’s refined, comfortable and genuine local vibe.


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