Lik Lik Lik Gelato

What do you get when a former real estate agent and an electrician join forces to open a gelato shop? Great things, that’s what! But don’t take our word for it, pop in to Lik Lik Lik in Nobby Beach to see for yourself. The unexpected business partners decided to quit their day jobs and open a gelateria and we, fellow Gold Coasters, can reap the benefits of their delectable career change. Lik Lik Lik scoops Maleny Food Co.’s deliciously creamy gelato and offers a constantly rotating selection of 42 glorious flavours ranging from your standard faves like chocolate, salted caramel, coconut and peppermint through to some more unusual flavours like creamy pineapple, Italian marshmallow, cinnamon and ginger, lime and chocolate and even Christmas cake. The gelato combines Guernsey milk and cream and is created in small batches using local fruits and the finest Italian ingredients however the difference here is in the way it’s made. Maleny churns rather than whips its gelato to produce its signature rich and creamy texture which definitely needs to be experienced firsthand. If you’re keen to keep it light, there are a dozen sorbets to tickle your tastebuds and if you have a serious sweet tooth, keep an eye out as there are plans to introduce decadent waffles and warm brownies – helloooo happiness!


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