JFX Noodle & Tapas Bar

For Southport locals, JFX needs no introduction because it’s fairly likely you’re already well acquainted with the venue’s top-notch nosh. For those who are less familiar, allow us. JFX Noodle & Tapas Bar specialises in traditional Japanese and Asian fusion and dishes up tasty tapas alongside rice bowls and flavour-packed ramen. For katsu lovers, the JFX team take their love of deep-fried delicacies to delicious new levels with an entire section of the menu dedicated to everything fried – from onion to oyster. The Bangalow pork katsu sando, which can be served on its own or with a traditional Japanese curry, is one of the venue’s most popular and for (very) good reason but if you can’t resist ramen, be prepared to be spoilt for choice. Choose from house or black tonkotsu, salt and butter tonkotsu, or miso tonkotsu, offered with various amounts of pork cha-su and nori. Make it your own with thick or thin noodles, alter the broth intensity and throw on a few extra toppings. These bowls are as big as your head and boy are they delicious.


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