Helen’s Heavenly Bulk Foods

Helen’s Heavenly Bulk Foods, an institution in Burleigh for more than 17 years, is a treasure-trove of bulk dried goods, health foods, vitamins and natural beauty products. The 350-plus choices of cereals, nuts, legumes, dried fruits, lollies, flours, spices and other goods is overwhelming but the mind swirls at the endless possibilities of creations that will come from your kitchen once you start browsing along the aisles.

Helen is still busy in the store, with most of her time being absorbed by regulars greeting her as they arrive (and there are many), or picking her vastly knowledgeable brain for details of her bulk goods or on products to cure a particular ailment.

Helen’s Heavenly Bulk Foods, the first on the coast to introduce the Brazilian açaí berry in all its forms, introduced its smoothie and juice bar to locals a few years ago. Serving an array of liquid concoctions from the front window of the store, this is one place that is a buzz of activity every hour of the day.


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