Fen Ku Guilin Rice Noodle

Fen Ku (translated from the Chinese phrase literally meaning noodle bar) is found bordering Chinatown in Australia Fair Metro. The restaurant is one of very few Guilin rice noodle bars on the coast offering authentic Chinese noodle soups, similar to Japanese ramen. With options for non-spicy, hot and spicy, and pickled-pepper lovers, the standout dish is the popular rice noodles with roast crackling pork and brined beef. For the more daring, the pork intestine rice noodles with pickled pepper will please the adventurous palate. Diners can choose from traditional rice noodles or sweet-potato noodles and can expect tasty broth made fresh every day. Make sure to check out the neatly designed art wall to learn about the history of Guilin rice noodles and why they are known as the original Chinese soul food.



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