Cocotte Dining

Named after a small fireproof dish in which individual portions of food are cooked and served, Cocotte Dining is a melting pot of Japanese flavour and French flair. The restaurant is the handiwork of Japanese-born chef Shunichi Tanabe, who earned his culinary stripes as a chef in Japan for ten years before relocating to Australia and working at renowned seafood restaurant Fins at Salt Village and Arakawa Japanese Restaurant at Royal Pines Report. Cocotte’s menu is an inspired culinary journey with an emphasis on freshness of ingredients, hearty simplicity and purity of flavour. Enjoy sashimi of fresh fish, pickle ginger and wasabi or something from the Izakaya menu that drifts from east to west before tucking into the main affair. Wash it down with a Japanese craft beer including a light, crisp Orion premium draft from Okinawa or a refreshing Kaniku Ocean Pilsner from Chiba or sip on some sake. The restaurant hosts Izakaya nights on Sunday and Monday evenings.






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