Choofas Smokehouse & Seafood

With sea salt and the aroma of smoky barbecue ribs in the air, Choofas Smokehouse & Grill will seduce your foodie senses – hook, line and sinker. Owners Scott and Judy opened the restaurant to combine Scott’s passion for fishing, the freshest seafood and his love of American-style barbecue meats. The restaurant offers an array of fresh and cooked seafood combined with barbecue-style smoked meats, ribs, buffalo wings, burgers, steak, chicken and salads. The local Balmain bugs grilled with jalapenos, garlic and red-chilli butter will tickle your tastebuds or if you’re feeling like a fresh catch, the goldband snapper grilled with chips and salad is a popular choice. You’ll be assured your seafood is fresh when the owner can point out the spot where it was caught – and that’s exactly what you can expect at Choofas Smokehouse & Grill.



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