Cheeky Waffles

Having won over Brisbane’s waffle-loving populace, the aptly named Cheeky Waffles has ventured south to bring their sweet and saucy sensations to delight Gold Coast taste buds. Cheeky Waffles is pretty much as it sounds, penis and vagina-shaped waffles. For those who are new to the Cheeky Waffle experience, it goes a little something like this. First, you choose your part, which isn’t as straightforward as you might assume. The lady part is for those who prefer a crispier waffle, while the gent is fluffier on the inside. Then, it’s time to dip – choose just the tip, or go all in – it’s your waffle, your way. Finally, sprinkle with your choice of topping. Depending on which flavour combo you’ve chosen, the toppings include crumbled Biscoff (that’s the Sugar Daddy), Tim Tam (the Sex Machine), or you can choose your own adventure (that’s the Only Fans). For $2, you can add a ‘love injection’ of Nutella, caramel, jam or custard, or add a ‘happy ending’ (a drizzle of white chocolate sauce) for $1. It’s cheeky, fun and, perhaps most importantly, utterly delicious. Sure, Cheeky Waffles is a bit of fun, there is also a serious side. Cheeky Waffles is a champion for sexual wellness, breaking taboos and engaging in conversations. To date, they’ve partnered with Sexpo and Pride Festival, and have grand plans to expand into catering private events.


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