Charcoal Charcoal Yakitori

There’s no prizes for guessing the specialty at Charcoal Charcoal Yakitori in Robina. Perched next door to Nando’s, the quaint 50-seater is a fusion of Asian and Western cuisines with a menu that spans from land to the sea. Start with a selection from the sashimi bar, which offers New Zealand king salmon alongside kingfish, tuna and Japanese scallops. The oysters are grilled over charcoal to preserve the natural flavours while creating a slightly caramelised surface. Heading into the land-based section of the menu, the venue shines a spotlight on M8-9 wagyu beef. For an unexpectedly delicious combination, try the wagyu yakitori delicately threaded with with pineapple and garlic-thyme butter. There is also a selection of free-range chicken, which is segmented and skewered in the afternoon to ensure maximum tenderness. For those feeling extra adventurous, there’s neck, tail and diaphragm, alongside more mainstream cuts of thigh, breast and tenderloin. There’s a scattering of meat-free morsels including zucchini with miso mayo and a couple of different mushroom varieties. Wash it down with a crisp, cold beer, and you have yourself quite the feast.

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