Brio Emporium

Existing as a kind of cafe/grocer hybrid, Brio Emporium is your new one-stop-shop for all things health related. Add a little pep to your stride with a Breaky Box that is loaded with activated muesli, fruit, peanut butter chia, vanilla and matcha Cocoyo and a real deal Bulletproof Coffee that is made with Bulletproof’s Brain Octane beans and oils. Plan ahead and grab one of the Bulletproof snack bars to curb that nasty case of 3:30-itis. For midday munchies, slurp on a bowl of slow cooked bone broth from the cauldrons. Cooked for 48-hours, the tasty broth is packed full of healing compounds like collagen and glutamine to fight inflammation, boost your immune system and promote gut health. For dinner, grab one of Brio Emporium’s takeaway meals to heat and eat at home. The meals are entirely gluten free and there are vegan, vegetarian, paleo and dairy free options available.


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