Brio Emporium Southport

Brio Emporium is renowned for its gluten-free, refined-sugar free and anti-inflammatory cuisine, designed for those that live a ketogenic (low-carb, full-fat) lifestyle. At the Southport outpost you’ll find Brio’s full menu of breakfast-style bowls and protein bowls on offer, which come brimming with the likes of grass-fed beef brisket and free-range pork belly in katsu sauce. There’s also an extensive menu of raw bowls and smoothies on offer, as well as cups of Brio’s signature piping-hot anti-inflammatory bone broth. The Insta-famous Fat Boy Sundaes (whoa mama) which are smothered with cookies, chocolate bars, paleo kibble and chocolate sauce, are also on offer at Southport, as well as the full breadth of coffee, tonics and coffee alternatives, from butter-laden bulletproof coffees to ‘functional’ turmeric lattes.


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