The Barberoy Coolangatta

Old Times “Men’s Only” Barber in Coolangatta. Board our capsual through a momentary laps in time as we deliver the finest service this era has to offer. The Barberoy gents are dedicated to their craft so whether it’s a dapper slicked-back ‘do, a James Dean-esque quiff, a mod cut or even a Forrest Gump flat top you seek, they can accommodate. While you’re there, indulge in a cutthroat razor lather shave and hot towel, you won’t regret it.

The Barberoy is not your standard churn-and-burn style of barber, they favour appointments over walk-ins and take their time rather than slotting you into a pre-allocated 10-minute time slot.

The Barberoy is located in a tiny hole-in-the-wall space along McLean Street, right near the Antiques Centre.



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