High rotation – the plug-in that reveals your top songs during lockdown is here

High rotation – the plug-in that reveals your top songs during lockdown is here

If coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that we essentially live in a lawless society and anything goes. Want to eat a two-day-old burrito for breakfast at 2:00 pm? Go for it. Wear socks and slides to the supermarket? By all means. Play the same song on repeat for seven hours? Nobody will ever know. Well, that last one isn’t exactly true. A new Spotify plug-in has just been released that will reveal your most-streamed songs during the coronavirus isolation period – so it’s time to face the music!

Thanks to ticket resale website Tixel, Spotify users around the globe are getting a taste of the songs that have been on heavy rotation through this perilous lockdown period. Tixel set up the nifty little plug-in as a way to get users to show their favourite artists some love on social media – you basically just punch in your username, wait a couple of seconds and then receive an Instagram-story-size graphic to share.

As previously mentioned, isolation has made animals of us all – so get ready to be shocked and potentially delighted by some of your results. Someone* in The Weekend Edition team was outed as listening to Laura Branigan’s classic hit ‘Gloria’ practically on loop, so if you’re not prepared to be gently roasted by your peers, it might be best to give this one a miss.

Ready to find out what songs you’ve been thrashing during lockdown? Head to the Tixel plug-in here

*definitely wasn’t the author of this article


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