The Weekend Series: from frosé to the Stranger Things soundtrack – five things we are vibing in August

The Weekend Series: from frosé to the Stranger Things soundtrack – five things we are vibing in August

The year is moving along at breakneck speed – sometimes you just have to stop and smell the rosés once in a while. Fads and trends come and go incredibly fast, but we’ve taken the liberty of singling out a few that are really resonating with us right now.

Dry July is now in the rear-view mirror, and the warm weekends of spring are approaching – it’s time to start thinking about warm-weather beverages. One craze we are more than happy to get caught up in is the wine slushie craze. Yep, it’s exactly what you are picturing – an icy drink that combines wine with all manner of frozen ingredients (think sorbet with an extra kick). Bars across America are jumping on board and serving up a huge range of frosty sips – the most popular being frosé (frozen rosé, duh). As much as we love getting out and about, there aren’t too many places in Brisbane doing wine slushies yet (hint, hint, people!) so we recommend getting out the blender and experimenting at home (within moderation, please). Blend up some fruit, ice and wine and see what you can come up with – or just check out these recipes. One thing is for certain – the inevitable brain-freeze will be worth it.
Image: Sedbona


Puffle cones
We are still thinking with our stomachs for this next bad boy. Puffle cones have been causing a stir on Instagram for some time now, and for good reason – these bizzaro ice-cream and waffle hybrid looks damn delicious. An American ice-creamery – Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana – was reportedly the first to make puffle cones popular, using a combination of sweet Hong Kong-style egg waffles wrapped around scoops of gourmet liquid nitrogen ice-cream. These delicious, bubble-wrap looking desserts could be the next big thing to hit our shores, but we’ve found a recipe for you to try at home until they arrive.
Image: Cauldron Ice Cream 


New emojis
We. Love. EMOJIS. We see no shame in denying it – the simple pleasure of sending a smiley poo is enough to make us grin like idiots. Any news of new emojis gets us extremely excited, and the latest batch of information regarding the features added into Apple’s iOS 10 has got us frothing. Not only are there a few new characters to play with, but Apple has gone all out in expanding the inclusivity of the current emoji range by adding more diverse options. We’re talking more female emojis (especially in the icons depicting athletes) plus increasing the racial diversity across the board. Other incredible additions include a new rainbow flag and a huge range of options for families. While iOS 10 is still in beta testing, TechCrunch is giving us all a look at the new emojis before they become available. Check them out here.


Stranger Things soundtrack
Have you binged the entire first season of Stranger Things yet? If you haven’t and you enjoy throwback 80s nostalgia and a few jump scares, pencil yourself in for a date with Netflix. The show has taken the world by storm, thanks largely to the impeccable performances of the cast and the thrilling nature of the story, but also the wonderful 80s soundtrack. While Netflix has confirmed that the soundtrack will get an official release, they’ve already created a Spotify playlist with some of the incredible bangers featured in the show. We’re talking tunes from The Clash, Reagan Youth, Toto, Foreigner and more. Additionally, DJ Yoda has released an hour-long mix tape of tracks spliced with sound bites from the show (spoiler alert for anyone that chooses to listen without watching the show first). This should hopefully help with the withdrawals after gorging on all eight episodes.


The Impossible Burger
How good are burgers? They’re so good. The combination of beef patties, cheese, onions and sauce on buns is heaven sent, but vegetarians often miss out on a lot of the magic that a beefy burg can provide. Veggie burgers are tasty, but often times they tend to be extra drippy and a poor imitation of the iconic cheeseburger. All that is set to change, as celebrity chef David Chang unveils the Impossible Burger. The burger debuted at Momofuku Nishi in New York City, consisting of a fake meat patty made out of coconut oil, wheat and potato proteins, plus heme – an animal-flavoured protein. The patties have been made in conjunction with Impossible Foods, and early reports indicate that this is the closest to thing to a cheeseburger without actually eating beef.


Bonus vibe: Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry
We’ve been waiting oh-so patiently for this – Frank Ocean is finally about to release his long-awaited album, Boys Don’t Cry. If you are reading this on the same day of publishing, Boys Don’t Cry will reportedly drop tomorrow. If you are reading this post Friday August 5 then Boys Don’t Cry is most likely out and ready to listen to. We can’t speak to the quality of the album at this stage, but rest assured we’ll be giving it more than a few spins this month. If boys don’t cry, then what is happening to my eyes right now?


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