The Weekly Special: The Weekend Edition team's top picks for the week

The Weekly Special: The Weekend Edition team’s top picks for the week

This year has been a wild ride so far. Between fires, floods, a global pandemic and the #BlackLivesMatter movement – it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed with the constant influx of news and information. As we begin to step out of isolation and find our new normal, The Weekend Edition is continuing to help you through these crazy times, whether you need a quick update on the COVID19 situation, or resources to continue your journey of becoming an anti-racist ally. We are embracing this time of reflection and using it to discover and engage with new things – and we’d love to take you on that journey with us. Each week we’ll share with you the books, music, TV shows, podcasts, food and more that The Weekend Edition team is enjoying and learning from, to take them from our homes to yours. Here is volume two of The Weekly Special – The Weekend Edition team’s top picks for the week.

Sydney Film Festival Selects on SBS On Demand
Although 2020’s film selection is looking quite bleak and our favourite film festivals have been cancelled, that doesn’t mean we can’t discover some genuinely heartwarming indie gems through a little thing called streaming! Sydney Film Festival (another event which fell victim to 2020) has partnered with SBS On Demand to present Sydney Film Festival Selects – a movie collection featuring 40 of SFF Director Nashen Moodley’s all-time favourite festival titles. There’s the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman starring Chilean actress Daniela Vega, Frances Ha starring indie darling Greta Gerwig and the Kenyan romantic drama Rafiki, which is the love story of two young women in a country where same-sex relationships are still against the law. Grab some popcorn and get yourself comfy – you can binge these flicks and more for free from now until Friday July 10 on SBS On Demand.
Sara Weckerle, editorial assistant
Image credit: SBS On Demand

Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
If you’re in the market for poignant indie rock to add to your listening rotation, look no further. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has returned with a new album Punisher, which follows on from her masterful 2017 work Stranger in the Alps. The album features 11 tracks of earnest and disarming expression, a lush and layered collection of songs that catch Phoebe in a road-weary and reflective state. The album comes as Phoebe’s star reaches new heights – the past three years have seen the musician perform sizeable arena tours with The National and The 1975, while also writing and releasing music as part of Boygenius and Better Oblivion Community Centre. On Punisher, Phoebe dissects the whirlwind of touring life, laments her perpetual restlessness, examines the impact of her musical heroes and offers up her own unflinching introspective musings – wielding observational (and very droll) humour as well as she wields her guitar. Sonically, the record elevates everything I loved about Stranger in the Alps – there are moments of fingerpicked delicacy and all-encompassing sound, with both the soft passages and moments of swelling passion offering something to linger on or come back to. It’s always a tough task following a well-received debut, but Phoebe Bridgers has hit this one out of the park.
James Frostick, assistant editor

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Chef Sarah Glover
In between watching clips of talented dogs and incredibly accurate depictions of 2020, a lot of my screen time is currently being dedicated to chef Sarah Glover. Full disclosure – I actually want to be Sarah Glover and roll around in Harriet (her Land Rover Defender), hang by the beach in cute clothes and cook delicious things over a fire. My dream of being her aside, Sarah (who is known for her Wild cookbook) has been dropping e-books throughout the iso time and the Field Guide Volume 2 – Driveway Dining is very much a vibe for the current times. I have it, it’s great, and if you happen to have a spare $12.99 rolling around in your ashtray (probably not because cash is dead and smoking sucks, but you get the gist), then you should consider investing it in your culinary skills. The Vol 2 e-book is dedicated to cooking in a portable gas cooker off the back of your car, in your backyard, on the beach, at the campsite – anywhere. It’s all about inspiring people to get outdoors and have a bit more fun with food, whether it’s on your driveway or far away on a wild adventure. It’s loaded with plenty of one-pot wonders, yum things like crumpets and dishes that sound illegal like breakfast spaghetti with eggs. To pull a line from the foreword, ‘some rules are just made to be broken’. Indeed, they are. If you don’t go for the e-book, then just have some fun stalking Sarah’s food, travels and super-cute outfits on Instagram and peeping all of the free recipes on her website.
Janna Hrastovec, assistant editor

@rohitroygreNeed to get rid of my addiction!!! Thank you for your support.♬ original sound – rohitroygre

@rohitroygre and his quest to give up fizzy drinks
Folks, this is wholesome content at its finest – I present to you a TikTok account from a man whose sole purpose for being on the platform is to quit chugging down soft drinks. Sweet Rohit is uploading daily videos updating his adoring fanbase on his progress giving up the soda life. His short, simple and unfiltered vignettes are a beacon of hope and a reminder of the power of accountability when trying to ditch an addictive vice. Addressing the camera with messages like “Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you”, this account could be the push you need to start your own quest for autonomy from whatever demonic habit has you in its clutches (mine is eating chocolate chips straight from the packet). He’s currently at 15 days fizzy-drink free and is looking to break his previous streak of 45 days – get out there and show the man some support!
Georgia Brooker, digital media specialist


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Rachael Sarra’s (@sar.ra__) important message
I was casually scrolling absent-mindedly through Instagram, when this work by artist and designer Rachael Sarra (@sar.ra__) stopped me dead in my tracks. It resonated deeply with me and – considering the influx of comments and likes on Rachael’s post – it seems I am not the only one. Rachael posted this message as a much-needed reminder to herself, but it’s a mantra we all need to embrace. This year has been a wild ride so far and Rachael (and many others, myself included) have let their self care fall by the wayside, overwhelmed themselves in ‘busyness’. In the wise words of Rachael, “let’s shift our language, we are not busy we are fulfilled”. She continues to say that if we can’t say that we are fulfilled, then we are doing too much or doing the wrong things. We need to stop glorifying busy and instead live and work with purpose. Since seeing this post, I have really made an effort in my path to being fulfilled. I have turned off my computer and stopped working at a more reasonable (probably still not ideal, but baby steps) hour. I have taken time to get outside and soak up some sunshine. I have allowed myself to book that appointment that I keep putting off because “I don’t have time”. If there is one thing this year – the shortest, longest year of our lives – has taught us, it’s that time is precious and we need to use it wisely. So listen to Rachael. Stop glorifying busy. While you’re at it, listen to a lot of what she has to say – her messages are strong, compelling and more relevant than ever. Maybe treat yourself to one of her vibrant and powerful pieces too!
Chrisanthi Demos, managing editor 

Lead image credit: Frank Ockenfels


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