Period power! Together we can end period poverty with Taboo's organic pads and tampons

Period power! Together we can end period poverty with Taboo’s organic pads and tampons

Let’s talk periods for a moment (we’ll just give the gents who accidentally clicked on the story a second to make a hasty exit). While we here in Australia have things largely sorted when it comes to our monthly visits from Aunty Flo, the heartbreaking truth is that 30-percent of girls in developing countries will drop out of school once they start having periods. Furthermore, far too many reproductive complications stem from the lack of appropriate menstrual health care and education. TABOO is a social enterprise turning the tide on period poverty.

Australians spend $300-million on sanitary products annually, that’s a lot of period power! If you want your dollars to extend beyond the coffers of faceless conglomerates, switch to TABOO’s organic pads and tampons and help make a real difference to girls and women in developing nations gain access to menstrual healthcare and education.

At the start of 2018, the Adelaide-based social enterprise co-founded by Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall launched a successful crowdfunding campaign and raised $56,000 to buy the first order of sanitary products and embark on a fact-finding mission to India and Kenya. In August of this year, TABOO released its first batch of organic cotton pads and tampons to the Australian market which are now available to buy online here with 100-percent of net profits donated to One Girl’s education programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda. One Girl supports girls and young women with business skills, affordable sanitary products, education in menstrual hygiene, water and sanitation and high-school scholarships to holistically address the barriers that girls. TABOO also facilitates the donation of pads and tampons to disadvantaged women in Australia through Vinnies Women’s Crisis centre, which can be purchased here. You can do a one-off purchase or organise an ongoing subscription for yourself, the ladies in your tribe or ladies in need. Together we can create real change and that’s bloody beautiful, don’t you think?


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