Enjoy the benefits of a pool without the maintenance with Swimply

Enjoy the benefits of a pool without the maintenance with Swimply

To be the most popular kid in primary school you pretty much just had to have a pool. Nowadays, things aren’t always so simple and you can’t just mooch your mates whenever you fancy a dip but fret not friend, Swimply is here to save you from your pool-free existence. The new service connects pool owners with want-to-be pool users, simply. It’s so damn brilliant it makes us wonder why no one thought of this sooner.

Forget carpark wars and packed public pools that have more urine than you’d care to think about, Swimply is connecting you with local pool owners so you can enjoy all of the benefits of pool ownership (primarily lounging around on an inflatable flamingo with a beverage in hand) without any of the actual responsibilities (and expense) of having to maintain said pool – it’s win win! Whether you’re looking to cut some laps or it’s more of a leisurely pursuit, Swimply can pair you with a pool to suit your needs. Think of it like Airbnb but for the backyard.

So, how does it work? Well, as its name suggests, it’s pretty simple to get swimming. Request a pool, get approved and confirm, it’s that easy! The best part? There are some that are available for instant approval so you could be floating your way to happiness within the hour. The rates vary between pools and locations but if you’re keen, take a peek at some of the pools that are available for hire near you here.


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