Spaghetti doughnuts to Coachella's food line-up – five things we are vibing on in April

Spaghetti doughnuts to Coachella’s food line-up – five things we are vibing on in April

After the downpour we’ve been experiencing lately, we’ve been looking for a bit of sunshine to brighten our moods. When they weather is sour we can always rely on something sweet to come along and remind us of life’s good things – things like food, drink and puppies. While searching for things to add to our mood boards, we have stumbled across some amazing pieces of news that are really moving our dial. This month’s vibes encompass the weird, the adorable and the envy inducing, but it’s all gravy, baby! The sun is shining again.

Coachella’s food line-up has been revealed
In case you haven’t been paying attention (or you’ve just decided to purposefully ignore the news), the Coachella music festival is taking place this month. While acts such as The xx, New Order, Lorde, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar and Empire of the Sun captivate punters with sight and sound, the Coachella food offering looks primed to allure famished revellers with taste and smell. The official line-up of featured restaurants have dropped, and the list is making us positively green with envy. Food vendors will be popping up throughout Coachella’s general admission and VIP areas, with morsels running the gamut of high-end street food. Just have a look at this small sample of Coachella’s culinary coterie – orange chicken bowls, potato gems coated in raclette cheese, Peruvian burritos, chicken tikka poutine, Danny Trejo’s taco stand and what will likely become the most Instagrammed morsel of the festival – Belgium liege waffles. Is it too late to put in a leave request and book a ticket?
Image: Neil Husvar, Eater

Spaghetti doughnuts are now things that exist
This one is a bit weird – even by our own peculiar standards – but you know, we’re not exactly turned off by it. Pop Pasta is an eatery in the United States that has been making waves in the food world with its spaghetti doughnuts – that is, a spaghetti pie shaped and fried into the iconic circular silhouette of a doughnut. Pop Pasta prepares the dish with pasta leftovers, which are combined with eggs and cheese and then fried. The menu of flavours includes flavours infused with the likes of parmesan, garlic, red pepper, zucchini, ground beef, eggs and bacon. We’ve always dreamed on wanting to eat pasta on the go, and now we can. These are the sort of development that remind us that the world can be a beautiful place.
Image: Shared
Say hey-o to this new mayo cafe
Journey through the weird, wide world of food continues to Japan, where the company responsible for Kewpie Mayo has opened not one, but two pop-up Mayo Cafes. The cafes offer up a range of mayo varieties to dollop and slather over meals, including olive, basil and tomato mayonnaise. Patrons can dine on pizza, salads, tempura with dipping sauces, prawn pasta and a chicken and mayonnaise gratin. Bottles of kewpie hang from the ceilings and naturally there is no limit to how much you can squeeze onto your meal. The Tokyo pop-up finished at the end of March, but if you are planning to be in Nagoya this month you have until the end of April to indulge in all your creamy dreams.

The world’s first craft beer hotel
Usually when you are in the doghouse it means you are in some serious trouble. Well, that might change with the arrival of The DogHouse – the world’s first craft beer hotel. BrewDog is a British craft beer brewery operation that has made headlines with the news that will be adding a boozy accommodation destination alongside its new sour beer facility in Columbus, Ohio. The DogHouse is looking to be Disneyland for drinkers, with a range of beer-focused amenities and features to be added. We’re talking about craft beer spa treatments (with hop oils and malted barley massages), craft beer infused meals (with beer pairings, naturally), specialist suites with beer fridges in the showers and even a hot tub filled with BrewDog’s popular IPA. A crowd-funding campaign is currently underway to help the idea come to fruition, with more than $250,000 already contributed by craft beer lovers worldwide. Construction is slated for completion in 2018 – we’re already booking flights in anticipation.
Image: BrewDog

It seems like Gorman is incapable of putting an unstylish foot forward, and now it has captured our hearts once more with a brand new collaborative range of limited-edition dog coats. Made in partnership with Guide Dogs Australia, this range of stylish puppy apparel looks to provide support and awareness for the important organisation, with all proceeds going straight to Guide Dogs Australia. The coats come in a range of styles and sizes that can fit small pups and big doggos alike. Shop the range here.
Image: Gorman


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