World-first app SearchParty to keep punters safe at music festivals

World-first app SearchParty to keep punters safe at music festivals

There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding our beloved music festivals. But now one clever new app, SearchParty – created on the Gold Coast by brothers Jessy and Jade Mulholland – is hoping to make festivalgoers feel safe and connected to their mates, even when they’re lost in the pulsing crowd.

There’s nothing quite like the heart-fluttering thrill of plonking yourself in the middle of a flock of fellow music lovers and having live tunes ricochet between your ears. But there’s no doubt the bad press music festivals have been getting of late has done serious harm to their reputations and left some revellers (and their parents) feeling apprehensive.

Enter SearchParty ­– an ingenious new app that keeps you connected to your friends and helps you to find each other should you get lost. Create your own ‘Party’ within the app, chat to members in private or public conversations, and pinpoint their location within two metres thanks to live GPS tracking with 10 millisecond updates. The app’s features are also low-latency to allow for minimal mobile service at massive festivals. In a world first, users can even hit just one button to let everyone in their group know that they need help and where to find them – while also giving the vital option to contact Emergency Services. In addition, SearchParty allows you to block users and hide your location, should the need arise.


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