Summer lovin’ – five must-have homewares to take you into the new season

Summer lovin’ – five must-have homewares to take you into the new season

As summer rapidly approaches, our winter throws are going back into storage and we’re dusting the cobwebs off our outdoor settings. A change of seasons is the perfect time to inject some new life into your home setting, adding thoughtful touches that make the most of our stunning climate whilst also giving off rich visuals and vibes. If you’re ready to bring some sunshine into your life, we’ve teamed up with Sanctuary Cove to provide some home decorating inspo in the form of five must-have summer items.

Mexican hammock chair from Cabana
Nothing gives off more of a summer vibe than a good old-fashioned hammock – or in this instance, a hammock seat (talk about the best of both worlds!). This sturdy number is completely hand-woven by Mayan artisans in the Yutacan area of Mexico, a region that is world-famous for its hammocks – so you know it’s authentic. The crisp white colouring and tassel accents combine to create a light and chic aesthetic that is perfect for the warmer weather – hang this one in a covered area outdoors for the ultimate lazy-day ambiance.

Outdoor cushion from Perfect Decor
Does your outdoor setting need a touch of personality (or does your bum just need a more comfy surface to rest)? This outdoor cushion from Perfect Décor is the solution you seek. The cushion is perfect for the Queensland lifestyle – its UV tolerant, shower resistant and mould resistant, so you don’t have to stress about being overly precious with it. The bright colours and native floral pattern give off a distinctly Australian vibe without being garish or cartoonish but still maintaining a sense of fun.

Orchid from Hamptons Style
Sometimes even the most fastidious of plant parents fail at keeping their offspring alive, and one flower that is particularly tough to nurture is the orchid. If you love these crisp blooms but lack the time (or skills) to keep the real deal alive, there’s no shame in faking it. This artificial orchid from Hamptons Style looks so good that your guests will be none the wiser, while its marble pot adds an extra touch of luxe and brightness to any room.

Marigold mirrors from Theo & Joe
For something that will add a touch of opulence whilst also opening up your space, mirrors are a perfect choice. These marigold mirrors are a real statement piece, boasting a polished metal centre that gives off a quirky fish-eye effect. Three layers of faux-gold leaf flank the outside of the piece, creating a dramatic visual that is both timeless and super on-trend. The floral shape gives a nod to summer blooms without being too obvious, conjuring a subtle yet strong seasonal vibe.

Seascape painting from Dalozzo Art
The Gold Coast is famous for its breathtaking beaches and waterfront vistas, so it makes sense to add a tangible representation of this lifestyle to your house. A piece of custom artwork like the seascape paintings from Dalozzo Art are the perfect homage to a coastal lifestyle – the image itself is beautifully crafted and visually striking, while the pops of colour add brightness and depth to a room. Plus, you get the benefit of having a bespoke piece of work and supporting a local artist!

If your home could use some pre-summer sprucing, head along to Sanctuary Cove to shop at the precinct’s amazing range of retailers. From stunning artworks to handmade furniture, you’re sure to find something special.


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