Relieve surfing tension with a Saltwater Massage

Relieve surfing tension with a Saltwater Massage

If you made the most of last week’s swell and are feeling a touch tender from a few too many overly ambitious cutbacks, book yourself in for a surfer’s massage at Saltwater Massage.

From strained shoulders to twangs in the lower back, Rhyse has seen and experienced it all. As a surfer, he understands firsthand the physical demands of the sport on the body. His techniques are adopted from a range of disciplines including remedial, Swedish, mayofascial, deep tissue and trigger point massage to relieve any swelling and pain caused by some over-zealous shredding.

A surfer’s massage relieves tension to promote mobility, improves flexibility, encourages blood circulation to release toxins from the muscles and shortens recovery time. It has also been proven to reduce stress levels both physically and mentally so you will be in a better place to deal with the fact that you’re land-bound rather than riding waves. Rhyse and his magic hands will have you on the road to recovery and back in the water in no time. See our Stumble Guide for opening times.


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