Netflix, but make it fancy – Palace Home Cinema is bringing you fine films on demand

Netflix, but make it fancy – Palace Home Cinema is bringing you fine films on demand

As grateful as we are to streaming services for helping us through the cataclysmic void that 2020 has been, we’ve really been missing the thrill of catching fresh new film releases. One particular movie mecca that true cinephiles have been very keen to return to in the post-COVID world is Palace Cinemas, a beloved beacon of premium indie films and limited-release flicks that you really can’t catch anywhere else in Australia. Well, the clever team at Palace has come up with a brand-new business model that allows movie buffs to get their fix of the latest releases without leaving the house – enter Palace Home Cinema.

If you’ve desperately missed the movies and are craving a culture hit, Palace Home Cinema will hit that sweet spot of convenience, satisfaction and safety. Created as a solution for fine-film lovers to still have access to cutting-edge cinema, this new streaming service is basically an on-demand version of Palace Cinemas itself, offering up the specialised and curated content that you would expect from the brand. Much like the OG Netflix model, users are able to rent out movies online for a fee and are then given a window of time to watch them before they are ‘returned’ (to cyberspace). The interface is intuitive and easy to use, making searching for something exciting to watch a total breeze.

To kick off the launch of Palace Home Cinemas, lucky home viewers will be treated to IFF Piccolo, an online mini-festival made up of exclusive highlights from the 2020 edition of the ST. ALi Italian Film Festival. The program will be available to preview for a limited time only, bringing a sense of exclusivity to the whole at-home experience. Us Queenslanders are lucky enough to be able to attend the festival in person at Palace locations across the state, but the Palace Home Cinema model means that our southern mates still enduring restrictions can access Italian Film Festival flicks from home – no FOMO or spoilers here!

Keen to become a literal armchair critic? You can find out more about Palace Home Cinema and start streaming some seriously fabulous flicks here.


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