The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in October

The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in October

It’s been a wild couple of weeks where the weather is concerned. One day it’s scorching hot outside, and then the next day its absolutely bucketing down with rain. Either way, we’ve had no choice but to take shelter indoors until the weather becomes more amenable. With nothing to do with our time but surf the web, we’ve stumbled across five amazing things happening around the world that we think you’ll really dig. If you like the sound of LEGO House, Nicolas Cage confectionery, bubble tea soft serve and blue burgers, then you’ll get a kick out of our finds.

The Farewell Burger
It’s never a fun time when a beloved bar, restaurant or shop closes its doors for the last time. The best way to soften the blow for customers is to give them a parting gift – something they’ll remember forever. Trendy Parisian boutique Collette – hailed as one of the most influential shops in the world – is closing in December after 20 years of operation, leaving devastated fashionistas in its wake. In the final months of its life, Collette will be collaborating with a range of organisations, including French burger joint Blend to put forth a range of memorable products. Blend has created an eye-catching burger inspired by and available at Collette called The Farewell Burger. The bun of The Farewell Burger is coloured in a shade of pandtone 293c, which is dubbed ‘Collete blue’. There are reportedly two versions of the burger, which include the likes of 18-month aged Somerset cheddar, ketchup, honey mustard and beef, and caramelised onion compote, blue cheese, Emmentaler cheese, garlic mayo and spinach.
Image: Colette

LEGO House
We doubt our imaginations would be nearly as vivid if we didn’t have LEGO in our childhood. The iconic range of interlocking toy blocks did wonders when it came to shaping our minds, so you can imagine the joy our inner child experienced when we read about LEGO House. For the uninitiated, LEGO House is a brand-new wonderland in Denmark that gives visitors a creative experience surrounding the possibilities behind the humble LEGO brick. The destination is divided into zones, offering activities such as brick-building stations, creative labs with sessions facilitated by LEGO experts, explorations of intricate pre-made worlds, create your own LEGO character stations, and opportunities to build your own LEGO fish and see it swim in a huge digital aquarium. That’s not all – LEGO House is home to three LEGO-themed eateries including Brickacinno Cafe, the Mini Chef Restaurant and Le Gourmet. At the Mini Chef Restaurant, diners can build their order with a few LEGO bricks, which are then scanned and sent to the kitchen before being plated up and delivered by friendly robots.
Image: Lego House

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Bubble tea soft serve
With the summer fast approaching, we’re looking around for the next cool treat to take the edge off the heat. We’ve come across a delicious fusion that has taken New York City by storm over the past few months, one that pairs ice-cold soft serve with delicious bubble tea. Bar Pa Tea in Nolita has been causing a stir on Instagram with its creamy creations, which sees your choice of oolong or black bubble transformed into a soft-serve swirl and then coated with more bubbles, Oreo cookie crumbs, chopped chocolate cookies or honey wheat twists. Were we to see these pop up in Brisbane over summer we’d be very inclined to seek it out on the regular. Just sayin’.

Nokia 3310
Ever since the arrival of iPhones and Androids, we’ve started to take the ever-increasing technological pace of the smartphone for granted. Sure, being able to have the entire internet at your fingertips is amazing, but do you remember Snake? Yep, that’s right – that game that you could play on the old-school Nokia phones. Speaking of Nokia, the 3310 and 3315 models were something else – they rarely broke no matter how many times you dropped them, the battery took ages to die and the ringtones were killer. Well, retro lovers will get a kick out of this news – Nokia recently announced the arrival of a new edition of the 3310 for 3G – complete with all the talk and text capabilities of the original, plus a customisable user interface, a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player and, of course, Snake! This is certainly going to be an option we’ll investigate closely when our smartphone malfunctions on us …
Image: Nokia

Umaibo Nicolastick
The ‘phenomanomaly’ (phenomenon meets anomaly) that is Nicolas Cage has secured a particularly bizarre but beloved niche in modern popular culture. Over the past few years, his acting style has been immortalised in countless memes and YouTube compilations, so it comes to us as no surprise that someone took it a step further and put his mug on a piece of confectionery. To promote Nic’s film Army of One in Japan, the actors face has been emblazoned on a limited edition Umaibo (otherwise known as ‘delicious stick’) called the Umaibo Nicolastick. The Nicolastick (we’ll never get tired of saying it) can only be bought when purchasing a ticket to Army of One in Japanese theatres, so unless you have a friend currently travelling through Japan, like, right now, you might miss out. But if Nicolas Cage-themed candy ever made its way to Australia you can be damn sure we’d be snacking on it.


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