The Weekend Series: Netflix and chill – five shows perfect for binging this winter

The Weekend Series: Netflix and chill – five shows perfect for binging this winter

Brisbane has been struck with a cold spell that is sending everyone indoors and to the cosy sanctuary of our couches. If you, like us, can’t handle the cold, then Netflix is clearly your new best friend. Should you be on the hunt for shows to watch while rugged up, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Heat up some popcorn, fill your thermos with a bone-warming concoction of your choice and turn up the volume – binge season is here.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette
Streaming services are brilliant for a lot of reasons, but one that we love is its bountiful supply of stand-up comedy specials. Whenever we need a laugh, there’s always plenty in supply, but one show in particular is offering more than just a few sharp one-liners. Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new special Nanette is scoring rave reviews thanks to its blend of on-point comedy and raw emotion. Throughout the show, Hannah Gadsby touches on the structures of genre, homophobia, sexual violence, anger, self-depreciation and self-love, bringing a level of depth and honesty that makes Nanette much more than a stand-up comedy special. It’s a vital and valid piece of commentary at a time when it is sorely needed. Hannah Gadsby: Nanette is streaming on Netflix.
Image: Netflix

Mindy Kaling is an idol at The Weekend Edition office, so when we heard that her new show Champions was transitioning from NBC to Australian Netflix we flipped. The show follows the life of gym owner and bachelor playboy Vince Cook (played by Workaholics star Anders Holm) when his high school girlfriend Priya (played by Mindy Kaling) reveals that he is the father to now 15-year-old boy Michael (played by rising star J. J. Totah). When Michael decides to move to New York City to attend theatre school, Priya sends him to live with Vince, instigating a hilarious and heart-warming turn of events. Champions is available to stream now on Netflix.
Image: Netflix

Just Another Immigrant
This ‘mostly-true docuseries’ is another comedian-centric offering that is presented in a different way. British comedian Romesh Ranganathan documents the process of moving his entire family to Los Angeles as the comedian looks to break into the American comedy scene. Just Another Immigrant gives insight into modern immigration, explores race and diversity in America and follows on from Romesh’s previous explorations into his own Sri Lankan heritage in Asian Provocateur. This series blends realism with comedic improvisation, and the cast of characters (Romesh’s friends and family) provide heart-warming contributions to the overall story. Just Another Immigrant is now streaming on Stan.
Image: Stan

The Innocents
We’re in the grips of superhero fandom, and the comic book inspired-content keeps on coming. While not inspired by a comic book per se, The Innocents is another anticipated addition to our burgeoning collection of super-powered television. This supernatural love story follows two teenagers as they run away from their families to start a journey of self-discovery. The journey takes a left turn when one of the teens discovers some paranormal gifts, forcing the duo to go on the run for real. The Innocents features up-and-coming actors Sorcha Groundsell as June and Percelle Ascott as Harry, and also stars Australian icon Guy Pearce as the mysterious Halvorson. The Innocents will premiere on Netflix on August 24.
Image: Netflix

Wrong Man
Following on from the buzz surrounding Serial and Making A Murderer, the new true-crime docuseries Wrong Man taps into our fascination with cold cases, criminal investigation and injustice. The six-part documentary, created by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Berliner, follows the story of three convicted criminals that have claimed their innocence for decades. Wrong Man recruits a team of legal, investigative and forensic experts as they break the cases open again to dissect new angles, investigate new theories and uncover fresh evidence. If you can’t get enough of high quality true crime, you can catch Wrong Man on Stan right now.
Image: Den of Geek


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