Maintain your man mane with Lonely Wolf beard oil

Maintain your man mane with Lonely Wolf beard oil

Lumberjack beards are proving to be the goatee of the 1990s. If your man mane is lacking a little lustre or you get tired of the face-itch before your beard can reach its full, manly potential, lather it with beard oil from Lonely Wolf.

A beautiful bushy beard is a sight to behold however as most bearded gents can attest, the downside for its wearer is that unrelenting itch that comes along with it. Determined to ensure men can have their cake and eat it too, Lonely Wolf, aka Jared Franzen, began toiling away to find a solution to beard-itch and developed a range of handmade natural skin and hair care products that allow men to take care of their glorious beards without compromising their masculinity.

Lonely Wolf beard oil blends only the finest natural and organic oils together to keep your facial fuzz in tip-top condition and keep your skin soft and hydrated underneath. With nothing artificial and infused with invigorating peppermint essential oil, Lonely Wolf beard oil will keep you soft, moisturised and smelling good enough to eat. Check out the Lonely Wolf range.


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