The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in January

The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in January

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you all feasted and frolicked to your heart’s content, because now it’s back to the daily grind. We’re committed to making sure 2019 is the best year it can be, which means we’re all about sharing the love when it comes to cool finds from around the world. Monthly vibes are back with a vengeance, and we’re kicking off the New Year with some quirky news to get into. This month, sink your teeth into hot cross bun ice-cream, gobble handfuls of Vegemite shapes and glimpse the future of automated snack delivery.

Hot cross bun ice-cream
We’re kicking off proceedings with a find that is bound to be a little divisive. Firstly, Christmas was only a few weeks ago, so some might find it too early to think ahead to Easter already. Second, those of us that are die-hard hot cross bun lovers might find this creamy interpretation of the fluffy treat akin to sacrilege. Woolworths has started stocking freezer shelves with hot cross bun-flavoured ice-cream, a limited-edition dessert featuring juicy raisins, hot cross bun flavour ripples and vanilla ice-cream. Regardless of whether we think it’s too early or not, you can be assured we’ll be popping a pint or two in our shopping trolley this weekend.
Image: Woolworths

Vegan Magnum
Speaking of ice-cream, vegan eaters were blessed with some pretty amazing news just before the end of 2018, as Magnum has announced it will be releasing two vegan-friendly versions of the treat this month. Magnum already debuted vegan ice-creams in the UK, but Aussie crowds are demanding plant-based substitutes at an ever-increasing rate. It is rumoured that vegan Magnums will feature on our shelves by the end of January, with a vegan classic and a vegan almond variety available. The ice-cream will reportedly be made using a pea protein and coated in dairy-free chocolate and almond pieces. We cannot wait to sink our teeth into some of these!
ImageMessy Veggies

Long gone are the days when vending machines were the epitome of snacking convenience. These days, we’ve got UberEats at our fingertips and a host of handy mod cons to keep our bellies full. Well, pretty soon we’ll be able to get snacks delivered right to us thanks to the Hello Goodness Snackbot – a self-driving snack-delivery robot that is currently being trialled in the United States by PepsiCo. Using a special app on their phones, students at the University of the Pacific can get healthy snack food delivered to 50 designated areas across campus, with Snackbot capable of roaming 20 miles on a single charge. Similarly, US food delivery service Postmates is also trialling a roving delivery pot of its own, which is being tested this year in the Los Angeles area. The future is now, people!
ImageUSA Today

Vegemite and Cheese Shapes
When it comes to Australia’s selection of true-blue foods, essential inclusions often tab classics such as meat pies, lamingtons, Tim Tams, ANZAC biscuits and, of course, Vegemite. The latter option often gets a bad rap overseas, but Vegemite has remained beloved Down Under for generations despite being an acquired taste. Vegemite and cheese sandwiches are a common sight in many lunchboxes, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t indulge in some tiger toast every now and then. Now, the iconic flavour pairing has been immortalised, as Vegemite has teamed up with Shapes for a tantalising reimagining. This Vegemite and cheese-flavoured cracker – baked in the shape of Australia – is perfect for summertime grazing and looks like it will be a new picnic staple.

Morpheus Hotel
There’s nothing like checking into your hotel at the beginning of a luxury vacation, but usually it’s the interior and amenities we’re sold on. Morpheus Hotel in Macau is one accommodation option we’d consider just from the exterior design alone. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this 40-storey hotel boasts a sci-fi aesthetic inspired by China’s ancient tradition of jade carving. The entire building is housed within a sculpted exoskeleton, with the building’s middle innovatively designed to resemble fluid movement. That’s not all – Morpheus boasts 772 stunning guest rooms, six duplex villas, four on-site restaurants, rooftop pool, a modern art gallery, spa and salon, and much more.


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