Group fitness ideas that will give you a serious(ly fun) workout

Group fitness ideas that will give you a serious(ly fun) workout

When it comes to exercise, some people prefer to just hit the gym with their headphones in and go it alone. For the rest of us, motivation often comes in the form of dragging our friends along for the ride. Getting active with your pals is a fantastic excuse to hang out guilt-free, not to mention a great incentive to treat yourself afterwards – swings and roundabouts, right? We’ve teamed up with our mates at Water3 to give you some group workout inspo that’s a little more exciting than your standard backyard cricket game.

Virtual-reality gaming
Ever watched The Walking Dead and thought you would kick ass at killing zombies in a dystopian future? How about joining a space gang to protect the fate of the galaxy? Virtual-reality gaming is here to bring your wildest fantasies to life – complete with weighted weapons, uncannily realistic landscapes and a bunch of mind-boggling tech. Immerse yourself in a whole new world while you run riot with your pals – you won’t even realise all the cardio you’re doing until you snap back to reality. For a true taste of VR goodness, hit up Zero Latency in Newstead.     

Running groups may seem like an intimidating prospect to some, but parkrun is here to change the game. This global organisation sets up timed 5-km runs at lush circuits all around the world – it’s free to participate, the tracks are suitable for all fitness levels and there is no pressure to go hard. Everyone from serious athletes to first-timers enjoy parkrun every week, so head to New Farm, Redcliffe, Stones Corner, Surfers Paradise or Main Beach to see what all the fuss is about.  

Water sports
One of the best things about Queensland is the fact that our winters are delightfully mild, so there’s really no reason that we can’t enjoy the water all year round. Spots like Wellington Point and The Spit are great for aquatic activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing, which are ideal for improving balance and co-ordination (not to mention strength).

Laser tag
You may think that laser tag is an activity relegated to kids’ birthday parties, but it’s actually an awesome way to get a sweat on while having a really rad time. Gather a crew of pals, channel your inner special ops agent and go to town ducking, weaving, sprinting and annihilating your competition. The running around and pure adrenaline will get your blood pumping in no time – not to mention the bragging rights if you win. There are plenty of prime spots for some laser tag action, like Strike in Brisbane City or Zone Bowling at Robina Town Centre. 

Pole fitness
Before you go writing off any exercise with the word ‘pole’ in it as something relegated to a certain kind of club, hear us out – pole fitness is a legitimate art form and one hell of a full-body workout. The sheer strength required to do some of these tricks is off the charts, meaning that you can look forward to overall toning and some especially impressive pins. It also goes without saying that the soundtrack to your workout will slay – ‘Pony’, anyone? If the pole appeals, you can have a go at Elements Pole Aerial Fitness Studio in Ipswich. 

Worked up a serious thirst? All of these activities are within easy access to a Water3 refill station, so you can fill up and cool down guilt-free. For more information on these eco-friendly water dispensaries and how to live your life unbottled, including a list of locations, head to the official Water3 website.


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