The Weekend Series: five shows to binge-watch in October

A scorching summer fast approaches, which means that it will be prime Netflix and chill weather. By that we mean, turn up the air conditioning and stay indoors binge-watching the latest and greatest shows. As we move further into the second half of 2017, we get closer to the arrival of some fantastic new shows and follow up seasons to our faves. We’ve put together a quick list of shows coming to or recently released on streaming services. Mark your calendars and stock up on snacks – it’s going to be a blockbuster summer.

Stranger Things
We couldn’t be more excited for the second season of our favourite nostalgia-tinged Sci-Fi romp, Stranger Things. The show that took the world by storm captured the imaginations of just about everyone thanks to a compelling storyline and some terrific performances by its ensemble cast – especially its youngest members! By all accounts, season two of Stranger Things will raise the stakes tremendously, as the demonic denizens of the Upside Down seek to break into our world once more. Expect some more spine-tingling scares, answers to some of the first season’s big questions and a killer soundtrack. Stranger Things will come back to Netflix on October 27.
Image: Netflix

The Punisher
Ever since Daredevil debuted on Netflix in 2015, we’ve been strapped in to a full-tilt roller coaster of action. The arrivals of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the recent blockbuster team-up series of The Defenders have cemented Netflix as the home of gritty comic book action. We first encountered The Punisher in season two of Daredevil, and actor Jon Bernthal’s performance of the cult favourite anti-hero made such an impression on audiences that a spin-off for The Punisher was immediately green-lit. The first season of The Punisher will see Frank Castle’s past explored, as he utilises violent methods to fight crime throughout New York City. Strap yourself in for this one – ­we think it’s going to be intense. The Punisher will be coming to Netflix soon.

Will & Grace
One of the most beloved sitcoms of the early 2000s is set to make a return to our screens at the end of September! News spread like wildfire back in January that Will & Grace would be returning for its ninth season, reuniting characters Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker and Jack McFarland for a run of 16 episodes. We can’t say where the titular characters will be in their lives once the season commences, but what we do know is that we’re going to get more than one new season of hilarity. NBC renewed the series for a tenth season, so you know that the current batch coming through our screens is going to be good. Stan will be screening Will & Grace from September 29.

Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
The mind of science fiction author Phillip K. Dick produced some of the most memorable tales of his generation, many of which have since been adapted for the screen. Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report are just some of the writer’s works to be brought to life in a visual medium, but it’s a new adaptation that has us abuzz. Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is an anthology series that is based on the works of the late writer, and consists of ten stand-alone stories inspired by the author’s short stories. The series boasts a seriously tremendous cast, including but not limited to A-listers such as Anna Paquin, Terence Howard, Greg Kinnear, Vera Farmiga, Janelle Monae, Steve Buscemi, and Bryan Cranston – who is also a producer on the show. If you want to go on a sci-fi adventure, you can watch Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams on Stan now.

Star Trek: Discovery
It should go without saying that Star Trek is one of the most significant television shows to have ever been created. The story of intergalactic exploration has spanned generations and spawned fervent fandoms, and the latest in its hallowed lineage has arrived to inspire a new legion of fans. Star Trek: Discovery is the first Star Trek series since the 2005 conclusion of Star Trek: Enterprise, and takes a decade before Kirk and Spock’s five-year voyage. The series is focused on the exploits of the USS Discovery and its conflict with the war-like Klingons, and features a stellar cast including Sonqua Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs and Michelle Yeoh. Star Trek: Discovery is streaming (with new episodes coming out weekly) on Netflix now.


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