The Weekend Series: five flicks we’re frothing to see in 2018

Fire up the popcorn, dip those choc-tops and fill up that large frozen coke – 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for cinema. We’ve already marked several dates on our calendar for the most anticipated films, which include charming animated adventures, empowering heist flicks, superhero blockbusters and irreverent alternative history comedies. We’re already imagining ourselves ensconced in the shrouded cinema with snacks in hand and oh-so-ready to be transported away.

Isle of Dogs
Wes Anderson made our hearts flutter and imaginations take flight with his previous stop-motion outing The Fantastic Mister Fox, and he’s set to do it all over again with his next animated jaunt Isle of Dogs. Featuring an all-star cast of actors lending their voices to the talking canines, Isle of Dogs follows a young boy named Atari Kobayashi as he searches the titular isle for his missing puppy with the help of some gritty alpha dogs. The flick stars the likes of Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and Greta Gerwig. Catch Isle of Dogs when it hits screens on March 29.
Image: IMDB

Ocean’s 8
Who doesn’t love a good heist movie? A super-slick robbery flick is a generation-spanning delight, one that seemingly hit its zenith with the George Clooney-led remake of Ocean’s 11. Well, it’s been a few years since the male-dominated trilogy was in theatres, and now it’s time for the girls to show us how it’s done. Sandra Bullock leads the new generation crew of women crims, playing Debbie Ocean, sister to Clooney’s Danny Ocean. Along for the ride are bad-ass actresses Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter and mother-flippin’ Rihanna. We can’t wait to see the hijinks unfold when Ocean’s 8 arrives in June.

Avengers: Infinity War
Marvel Studios recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary, commemorating its achievements since Robert Downey Jr. first grew the Tony Stark goatee. Beyond James Bond and Star Wars, few movie universes boast such a vibrant and storied continuity. Capping off the decade is Avengers: Infinity War – part one of the climax that most of the studio’s previous works have been building towards. Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Black Panther – all of the heroes we’ve cheered for across the years will band together to take on their most formidable foe to date, Thanos, the Mad Titan. It’s hard to put into words how big a deal this movie will be. Even if you don’t love comic-book films (yes, there have been a lot over the past decade), Avengers: Infinity War is set to be a huge payoff for ten years of work, featuring a vast majority of the world’s A-list movie stars. Such a feat isn’t likely to be seen on screen again any time soon, making this movie one for the history books.

The Death of Stalin
History is a funny thing, well, at least that’s what The Death of Stalin is trying to tell us. This political satire film by director Armando Iannucci puts a comedic spin on the events surrounding the death of Joseph Stalin and the power vacuum that arises in its wake. The flick boasts an amazing cast of American and British actors, including Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Jason Isaacs, Jeffrey Tambor, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko and Rupert Friend as Stalin’s political contemporaries and family members. The Death of Stalin will arrive in Australia soon, with a release date slated for March 29.

Incredibles 2
If you have never seen The Incredibles, I urge you to stop what you are doing and think long and hard about your life choices. We’re only half kidding (you really should watch it), but you can get a sense of our excitement at the prospect of a brand-new animated superhero romp coming to our screens this year. After what seems like an eternity, Disney Pixar is bringing back the Parr family – Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elastigirl), Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack – for what we can only assume will be another amazing, lycra-wearing adventure. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for another scene-stealing appearance by Samuel L Jackson’s effortlessly cool character Frozone, but we’ll have to wait for June to find out all about it.

Honourable mentions: Solo: A Star Wars MovieMortal EnginesSicario 2: SoldadoReady Player OneSuper Troopers 2Deadpool 2Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomAnt Man and the WaspMission: Impossible – FalloutVenomFirst ManFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldThe Irishman.


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