The Weekend Series: five of the best waterproof speakers perfect for summertime hangs

The Weekend Series: five of the best waterproof speakers perfect for summertime hangs

If you’re sick of the sound of your skin audibly cracking in the summer sun, you might want to try drowning it out with some tunes blasted by a top-notch speaker. That being said, if you are dead set on soaking up the rays poolside or at the beach, you’re going to need a speaker that can survive a spill in the sand or a splash in the water. Thankfully waterproof technology has come a long way – most of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market come equipped with phenomenal waterproof technology. If you’re in the market for a speaker to take with you on your next beach trip, we’ve assembled a list of five options worth investigating.

The UE BOOM 2 from Ultimate Ears is one of the most popular and best waterproof speakers on the market for good reason – it’s got some of the most ingenious features you need from a portable audio device, while also offering style in spades. This bad boy boasts 360-degree range of audio, powerful bass, roughly 100-feet of Bluetooth wireless range and a 15-hour rechargeable battery that will keep the good times going for the entire length of your party. Most importantly, the UE BOOM 2 is IPX7-rated waterproof, dirt proof and shock proof –so don’t be afraid of getting it dunked in water. Ultimate Ears has a huge range of waterproof speakers to pick from – all of which are similarly durable.
Image: Ultimate Ears

JBL Charge 3
Another big name on the speaker market, JBL is a reputable manufacturer of top-tier devices, including our personal favourite the Charge 3. This speaker can connect up to three smartphones or tablets at once, with a power bank that gives you 20 hours of playtime and ports to charge your phone via USB. Like the UE BOOM 2, the JBL Charge 3 is IPX7 rated, so you don’t need to worry about rain, spills or submerging it in water. A durable material coating and rubber housing also means that you can take it on your next beachside adventure without worrying about cosmetic wear and tear.
Image: JBL

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker
Good things come in small packages, and Bose’s SoundLink Micro proves the adage is still as relevant as ever. This speaker is a popular choice for active individuals that are constantly on the move. The SoundLink boasts a tear-resistant silicone strap that can adhere to all sorts of items, from backpacks to bike handles. No need to worry about getting this speaker wet, the Bose team used the IPX7 rating as a benchmark and sought to go beyond it. The speaker will survive a dip in the pool or the ocean, with a silicon rubber exterior that eliminates as many seams and gaps as possible.
Image: Bose

If you prefer to listen to your music outside and like it loud, the AOMAIS Sport II is reportedly perfectly suited. AOMAIS is a lesser-known brand, so it might be difficult at first to obtain in Australia, but reports indicate that it’s an underrated choice. It’s fully waterproof – it can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes – and it is also protected from mud, dirt and dust. A smooth rubber exterior prevents most drop damage, and the whole device is sturdy enough to warrant inclusion on your next camping trip or beach run.

Fugoo Sport
Finally, we’ve got a speaker that is not currently available in Australia yet (sorry), but it’s well worth keeping an ear out for. Reports are claiming this handy device is one of the best waterproof speakers to hit the market in some time. Fugoo’s speakers come in three distinct variations – Style, Sport and Tough – each designed to suit different environments. The Sport (our preferred device) is a waterproof speaker that has been built to withstand the elements – with a 40-hour battery life, 360-degree sound and the ability to strap to your bike or backpack while out and about.
Image: Fugoo


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