Bandcamp is donating today's share of sales to musicians

Bandcamp is donating today’s share of sales to musicians

One of the world’s biggest repositories of independent music is doing its part to help support artists affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. For Friday March 20 only, Bandcamp will be donating its share of revenue from all sales to the artists. If you’ve been eyeing off a record or eye-catching band tee, now’s the best time to snag it!

All over the world, musicians are being forced to cancel concerts and tours left and right in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Industry bodies are tallying losses over $200 million in Australia’s music scene alone, and there will be more to come. While the world looks at ways to support artists, bookers, venues and a plethora of music-industry members through this period, Bandcamp is hoping to encourage music listeners to spend a little bit of cash to directly support the bands and labels they love. Today only, Bandcamp will be donating its share of sales to the artists and labels.

What does this mean? Basically, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share across music and merch purchases made on the site for the next 24 hours, funnelling that boost directly to artists and record labels doing it tough. Bandcamp also boasts functionality to pay more than the asking price if you so desire – so if there is a band you really love, you can opt to add a little extra. It might make a world of difference to the creatives facing a dire economical situation. Users can also send their favourite music to a friend using Bandcamp’s ‘send as gift’ option. Additionally, you can also purchase a Bandcamp gift card so they can treat themselves to an album or t-shirt of their own choosing. Got some gaps in your record collection? A purchase today could ensure your beloved bands can get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

Image: Will Johnstone


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