Picnic with Pickles the Pig or SUP with a pup with Airbnb's animal experiences

Picnic with Pickles the Pig or SUP with a pup with Airbnb’s animal experiences

If hiking with penguin pals, downing a pint with a pupper or doing a little downward dog with a spot of goat yoga sound like your ideal holiday activities, you’re going to love Airbnb’s animal experiences. Going beyond the typical tours and classes, Airbnb’s responsible animal experiences are designed and led by inspiring locals to immerse each guest in a unique world.

Animal tourism, it can be a real minefield. As a visitor it can be hard to differentiate between operators who are contributing to the animal’s wellbeing as opposed to those who may be exploiting the animal for profit. Well, we have some excellent news animal lovers, Airbnb’s unique animal experiences follow strict World Animal Protection guidelines so you can connect with a clear conscience. Whether you’re keen to hang back and observe animals doing their thing in the wild, get up close and personal and have a play or do good with a range of Social Impact experiences that funnel 100 percent of the proceeds to charitable organisations, Airbnb’s animal experiences are not your everyday animal encounters.

Feeling adventurous? Meet dogs of Chernobyl or catch a KISS Concert for Great White Sharks. The once-in-a-lifetime concert takes place on November 18 where legendary rockers KISS will perform a live set in Port Lincoln, off the southern coast of Australia, to entice sharks, who as it turns out love the low-frequency sounds of rock and roll, who knew? If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, strap on some night vision goggles and check out the guided night vision walk in Byron Bay or enjoy a hands-on experience at Trevena Glen Farm and play with alpacas. Check out all of Airbnb’s animal experiences here.


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