Woolworths is slinging an $8 vegan Biscoff layer cake and Lotus celebrate this victory

Woolworths is slinging an $8 vegan Biscoff layer cake and Lotus celebrate this victory

When it comes to cult foods, few treats have the range of the humble Biscoff biscuit. Whether you first had one tucked lovingly next to your coffee cup at your local cafe or you were introduced to the flavour via its staggeringly addictive cookie-butter iteration, we can all agree that the product – and all of its various tasty offshoots – slaps hard. The gang at the Woolworths bakery has cottoned on to the fact that you could probably whack a hint of Biscoff on basically anything and it would sell like hotcakes, so they have cooked up an obscenely decadent creation – the Biscoff Vegan Layer Cake. Wipe the drool off your chin and read on, friends.

As if doughnuts and ice-cream weren’t enough, the Biscoff flavour train has continued to steamroll its way through the collective consciousness of the Australian sweetie-treatie consumer – resulting in Woolworths creating the Biscoff Vegan Layer Cake. The demand for Biscoff is undeniable, so this move comes as a stroke of timely genius for the grocery giant. As a testament to its appeal, this writer has personally gotten on her hands and knees like a common canine to check the very bottom shelf at the supermarket for a rogue jar of Biscoff cookie butter whenever it claims to be sold out (not proud of it).

So what can you expect when you bite into this buttery, caramelised, cinnamon-laden slice of heaven? Each cake is layered with a vegan buttercream, topped with a Biscoff-infused buttercream and drizzled in cookie butter before being crowned with a whole Biscoff biscuit. Not only is the treat extremely well priced at a mere $8, but it also happens to be totally vegan – so it’s time to alert your plant-based pals! Word has it that the Woolworths bakery team wanted to respect the fact that Biscoff bickies were already vegan, so they decided to sub out butter and eggs for coconut oil and apple puree. The result? A fluffy, creamy delight of a cake that is sure to please sweet tooths from all dietary backgrounds. 

Looking to (bi)scoff one of these heavenly concoctions ASAP? Swing by your local Woollies bakery and get ready to fight the closest vegan – these cakes are going fast.

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