Voting this weekend? Here's a handy map showing where you can snag a post-ballot democracy sausage

Voting this weekend? Here’s a handy map showing where you can snag a post-ballot democracy sausage

Election day is all about making big choices. Not just in regards to who you’d prefer to lead the country, but also what toppings you’re going to get on your democracy sausage. Are you a staunch tomato sauce supporter, or are you swinging towards barbecue? Will there be mustard in the mix? How about onions? Do you put them above the sausage, or under? We know there’s always a clash of ideology between those that like their snag to sit gently down the middle of their bread slice and those that prefer it to dissect diagonally. No matter what your preference, we can all agree that a sausage sizzle (and a cake stall) are essential components of the contemporary voting experience. Want to guarantee your polling place has the goods ahead of time? We’ve found a handy map you can refer to!

The lengthy election cycle can be a bit of a drain on those that follow it. Countless policy announcements, campaign gaffes and way too many letterbox pamphlets tend to make the weeks leading up to voting day a drag, but one thing that is sure to perk us up as we cast our vote is the thought of enjoying a democracy sausage right after. There’s nothing worse than turning up to fulfil your democratic duty to find there’s nary a sizzling snag, mouth-watering cake or even a bacon-and-egg roll to savour while basking in the post-vote afterglow. Thankfully, some savvy snag lovers have trawled the web for sausage-slinging voting sites, compiling a list and loading it into one easy-to-navigate map.

Democracy Sausage currently lists hundreds of polling stations promising to have a sausage sizzle, with more being added every day up until Saturday May 21, when the nation turns out to vote. It’s not just sausage sizzles that Democracy Sausage is cataloging – the map also shows which spots will have cake stalls, savoury vegetarian options, coffee, brekkie rolls and, in some cases, plant and craft stalls. What’s more, each destination entry lists operating hours, disability access and which charities funds will be distributed to.

Click here to check the map for your closest Democracy Sausage-approved voting centre.

Image credit: Cropped photo by avlxyz, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence.

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