The Grocer: Miracle Fruit

The Grocer: Miracle Fruit

Embark on a flavour trip and turn sour to sweet with the remarkable berry known as miracle fruit.

How would you react if you were told that you could eat a lemon as if it were an orange with the help of a simple berry? Scepticism is understandable, but it just so happens that there is a fruit available that helps bamboozle the tastebuds, making sour and bitter foods taste more appealing. The miracle fruit originates from West Africa and is also known as miracle berry, or sweet berry. Due to a substance within called miraculin, the berry – which tastes like a tangy cranberry by itself – can reportedly make lemons and limes taste sweet, and drinks such as Guinness taste like chocolate milk.

While you may think applications for miracle fruit are limited to clever party tricks, the genius of the fruit is that it encourages you to try more sugar-free recipes that can be enjoyed after eating a miracle fruit berry. Experiment in the kitchen and go on a flavour trip – try whipping up a sugar-free lemonade pie or some miracle fruit cupcakes and chowing down with the aid of a miracle fruit. Want to try more? Incorporate miracle fruit when whipping up tart juices or smoothies or have some friends around and have a miracle fruit party.

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