Stone & Wood and Afends link up for a tasty (and sustainable) collab

Stone & Wood and Afends link up for a tasty (and sustainable) collab

They say great minds think alike, so that must mean that the operators of Stone & Wood and clothing label Afends have some pretty brilliant brains at the helm. The Byron Bay-born companies are teaming up on a range of products designed to promote sustainable aspects of their respective industries. On Monday January 24, part one of this collaboration will be released – a limited-edition beer made from regenerative grain that is as easy on our conscience as it is on our palates.

The craft-beer scene is booming, which means every year more and more breweries are opening up around the country. While this thriving section of the industry is pioneering the way we perceive and drink beer, Stone & Wood (one of the first craft-beer makers to break through into mainstream drinking culture) is hoping to help pioneer some environmentally sound practices and help future-proof the beer-making process. To do this, Stone & Wood has connected with the like-minded team at Afends, who are looking to shine a light on similarly green initiatives in order to help minimise the industry’s contribution to waste. Crop Circles is the name of the tandem’s joint concept, a collaboration that draws looks to the future while creating better habits in the present.

Stone & Wood is the first of the Crop Circles partnership to showcase its offering, a pale ale made from Mosaic and Citra hops, macadamia, mango puree and regenerative hemp. This sessionable sip boasts a hazy and golden orange look and a sturdy 5-percent alcohol volume – the perfect beverage for balmy summer sessions. The brew will be available in packs of 500-ml cans from Monday January 24 from Stone & Wood’s online store, select bottle shops and on tap at the Stone & Wood breweries in Byron Bay and Brisbane. Fashion fans take note, Afends will soon release its half of the Crop Circle collaboration – a hemp clothing collection that will be available in store and online.

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