Bye, mother – get your homemade bread started with these nifty Sourdough Flakes
Bye, mother – get your homemade bread started with these nifty Sourdough Flakes

Bye, mother – get your homemade bread started with these nifty Sourdough Flakes

Most of us tried our hands at a bit of at-home bread making last year, which resulted in some differing results – especially if we couldn’t get hold of some sacred sourdough starter. While the majority of us quickly gave up on our quest for mother dough, a group of professional bakers got busy whipping up sourdough starters in flake form to make our lives (and loaves) a little easier. So, dust off the ol’ apron and start heating up the oven again friends, as it’s time to get baking with Sourdough Flakes.

With the mercury gradually dropping and winter just around the corner, there is no better time to get back into the kitchen and start baking bread again. Enter Sourdough Flakes – the missing ingredient to your bootleg bread-making operation. The brainchild of Ipswich locals George and Karyn Sutton, Sourdough Flakes was spawned from an ingenious plan to make sure George’s sourdough starter could travel with him to Fiji, where he was working at a local resort on Denarau Island. His dehydrated strips proved to be the perfect method of ensuring George could whip up a loaf where ever his work took him. Upon returning to Ipswich when COVID struck Fiji, George and Karyn figured locals could also make use of this method – removing at least one headache from lockdown.

Aged and dried in a quaint cottage kitchen in Queensland, these flakes will stay dehydrated for approximately a year whilst stored in your pantry – meaning you have more than enough time to perfect the art of bread making. The best part? The starter works as a great base for not just loaves of bread but also pizza bases, focaccia, crumpets and even hot cross buns. When you’re ready to jump back on the bandwagon, simply follow the flake-by-flake rehydration steps on the packet (also seen here) to create your own bubbly jar of sourdough starter, which is ready to bake into a lovely loaf in just five days. All you’ll need to make your carb-loaded creation is a packet of Sourdough Flakes, filtered or spring water, some bakers flour and all of the usual kitchen utensils. Then it’s as easy as rehydrating and feeding your dough, watching it rise, popping on the oven and finally, baking it. Eat your heart out, Nigella.

To grab some Sourdough Flakes, pop over to this website. As they say, let’s get this bread!

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