Comfort-food alert – five creamy potato bake recipes to satisfy your winter cravings

Comfort-food alert – five creamy potato bake recipes to satisfy your winter cravings

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Potatoes are king. They are delicious is every form and nothing can beat them. We love them mashed, we love them hand cut into chips, we love them expertly sliced and arranged into perfect potato layers. Simply the phrase ‘potato layers’ brings a joyous tear to our eye – so you can imagine the effect the addition of cream and cheese in a potato bake has. You’ve likely already nailed your mum’s basic potato bake recipe, so we’re here to take your tater love to the next level. Think additions of smoky bacon and garlic, carnivore-fooling vegan bakes and a special indulgent treat called at tartiflette. You’ll thank us later.

Roasted garlic and caramelised onion potatoes dauphinoise
You’re probably not reading this paragraph because you took one look at the above image and saw ‘roasted garlic and caramelised onion potatoes’ and that was enough. Just in case you are still reading and need a little more convincing, allow us to continue to regale you with our love of potato bake. This here bake is a take on the French gratin dauphinoise, amplified with the addition of roasted garlic, caramelised onion and a hefty (and delightful) amount of sage. This recipe from What Do You Crave? is inspired by Jamie Oliver and it should be added to your dinner-party repertoire immediately.
Image: What Do You Crave? 

Cheesy potato and kale gratin with rye croutons
Double the carbs! Double the deliciousness! As if crispy potato slices weren’t enough, this recipe from Epicurious has the glorious addition of crunchy rye croutons. You’ll also be adding not one, but two types of cheese and a whole lot of creamy goodness. There’s a whole bunch of kale as well – so that makes it guilt free, obviously.
Image: Epicurious

Ever heard of a tartiflette? If not, it’s time to get yourself acquainted. This gift from the French culinary gods is possibly as decadent as a potato bake gets – we have butter, speck (or bacon), French shallots, three wonderful cloves of garlic, white wine, crème fraîche, cream, thyme and (wait for it) washed-rind cheese. Yep, the fanciest damn potato bake you’ll ever have. This particular recipe from Taste (thank you, Manu) suggests you use L’Artisan The Mountain Man cheese – we highly recommend you seek it out.
Image: Taste

Vegan Potato Gratin
Ok, we know there has been a lot of talk so far about cream and cheese, but that doesn’t mean vegans can’t get their potato-bake fix! This incredibly satisfying vegan take on the classic bake will please even the most discerning dairy lovers. About That Food’s addition of cashew milk and nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy taste, plus it’s super simple to prepare.
Image: About That Food

Smoky bacon, garlic and chive potato bake
In case you were wondering, that’s a layer of crisp breadcrumbs, parmesan, chives and smoky bacon atop this one. Ooh yes, you are in for a treat. This recipe has you cooking (read: infusing) your potatoes with cream, milk, garlic, nutmeg, bay leaves, bacon, parmesan and chives on the stove before it even hits the baking dish, and boy, is it worth it. It’s then topped with the aforementioned golden layer of goodness to make it one fine potato bake.
Image: Spud Lite

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