Enjoy locally grown coffee from Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation

Enjoy locally grown coffee from Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation

Perched high on the fertile plateau of Mount Tamborine, Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation is growing, roasting and brewing high quality artisan coffee.

The rich volcanic soil and pure mountain water coupled with the high altitude have created ideal growing conditions for the boutique coffee estate and gallery cafe. Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation’s beans are grown without insecticides and pesticides and are lovingly tendered all year round and hand picked when the coffee cherries are at their peak. Interestingly, while it is generally referred to as a bean, it is actually the seed of the coffee plant or the pit inside of the coffee fruit so it isn’t a bean at all.

The artisan coffee that is produced by Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation is among the highest scoring coffee in the world and is the pride and joy of owner, Kees van Rijssen and his wife Maria. Kees is intensely passionate about Australian coffee and believes that every cafe in Australia should offer a homegrown selection alongside their international choice. The result would have a profound impact on the local coffee industry.

Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation currently has two variations available including Black Magic Coffee, which is sourced from the world’s highest caffeine rated coffee beans, and the MTCP Organic Coffee that presents a rich, smooth Arabica coffee that has a naturally sweet flavour. The two blends are available online or at the Cafe Gallery which is located at the plantation. See our Stumble Guide for opening times.

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