Cheese louise! You can get a cheesy fondue kit delivered straight to your door

Cheese louise! You can get a cheesy fondue kit delivered straight to your door

If we were ever in the difficult position of choosing our last meal, you can absolutely put money down that we would order something slathered in cheese. If cheese is also your favourite food group, then please prepare yourself for some gouda –nay, great – news. Mould, the crew behind the virtual cheese festival that we took full advantage of through lockdown, has cooked up a new product to get us through the chilly nights. Give a warm welcome to the Fondue For Two Box, the perfect winter evening accompaniment.

While we don’t exactly watch snowflakes fall from the sky, us Queenslanders feel the winter chill (or rather, complain louder) than the average Australian. The season brings more nights spent indoors than out, the revival of UGG Boots and a whole lot of snacks. That’s why Mould’s cheese fondue kit has arrived at the perfect time – and it’s even better that you can enjoy all of the stringy goodness without even leaving your home.

Each cheese fondue pack includes an easy-to-follow recipe card, 400 grams of Section 28 Fondu mix and a serving of baby cornichons for dipping. The packs are $35 each or $65 if you want to go boonta and add more cheese – and let’s just say, it’s always wise to order more cheese. Want to dive head-first into this melted pot of goodness? These un-brie-liveable packs can be ordered through the MOULD website.

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