Cook with the pros – let Jamie Oliver and his mini-me kids teach you some easy at-home recipes

Cook with the pros – let Jamie Oliver and his mini-me kids teach you some easy at-home recipes

If we’ve learnt anything from this isolation period, it’s that one of our main hobbies is eating out – and boy, do we miss it. But with our favourite restaurants closed for dine-in (don’t worry, that’s changing very soon) and more time spent at home, a lot of us delved into a new hobby – quarantine cooking. To help us channel our inner Masterchef, everyone’s favourite Naked Chef and cookbook hawker, Jamie Oliver – along with his extremely cute clan of little ones – is sharing dozens of easy-to-make delicious recipes from his home during the lockdown.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic (and people panic buying groceries the world over), chef, restaurateur and all-round kitchen legend Jamie Oliver asked his loyal social media followers what they wanted to learn in the kitchen during quarantine, and they sounded off collectively – how to make simple at-home recipes with basic ingredients. Shot on an iPhone whilst in lockdown in England, Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On YouTube series delivers just this – mouth-watering sweet and savoury recipes to add to your quarantine cookbook as well as tips and tricks tailored for the unique times we’re living in. There’s a homemade celebration cake for those looking to make birthday treats without an extra trip to the shops, a heart-warming chicken soup concoction that uses your week-old vegetables, and Jaime’s take on one of the most-searched recipes on the internet – ratatouille. For those looking to make use of whatever ingredients you have on hand – there’s almost a recipe for everything, including cauliflower mac and cheeseegg-fried ricepizza and quesadillas.

Jaime’s adorable look-alike kids, Buddy, River and Petal, jump in on the culinary action too, hosting a series of their own wholesome cooking tutorials with recipes such as a simple and healthy chopped saladcrispy-skinned fish (which was also filleted by Buddy) and spaghetti bolognese. Bread-making enthusiasts can watch Buddy team up with Jamie to make soda bread (a great alternative for when you’re running low on yeast), or if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, try making some of this kid-friendly fro-yo.

Eager to perfect some at-home cooking skills before isolation ends? Fire up those ovens and get ready for some homemade goodness – check out Jamie’s lockdown recipes here.

Image credit: YouTube

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