Crumbtastic! Green's has launched Golden Gaytime cake mix

Crumbtastic! Green’s has launched Golden Gaytime cake mix

Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or we’re just craving a sweet treat, nothing hits the spot quite like a Golden Gaytime ice-cream. Now, the frozen national treasure and its signature crumb is set to be transformed into something only a gaggle of culinary geniuses could have concocted. Hold on to your spatulas, friends, as Green’s has released Golden Gaytime cake mix and somewhere out there a certain baking matriarch that rhymes with Fetty Rocker is shaking.

We hope you’ve pre-heated the oven and got all of your baking utensils at the ready because Golden Gaytime’s latest collaboration with Green’s Baking has just arrived in the baking aisle at your local grocery store. The decadent range of packet mixes includes a cake, brownie, brookie (a beautiful marriage of brownie and cookie) and a mousse, all spiked with that memorable toffee-vanilla flavour. The icing on top of the cake? These ready-to-bake mixes come with a packet of Golden Gaytime’s iconic crumbs to crown your creations with.

If you’re ready to have your cake (and ice-cream) and eat it too, you’ll be happy to hear that you can find all four of the game-changing Green’s Golden Gaytime baking products in Coles supermarkets nationwide now. The mixes will set you back $6 per box, which is a small price to pay for happiness, we think.

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