Miami distillery Granddad Jack's drops a batch of new-age whiskey
Miami distillery Granddad Jack's drops a batch of new-age whiskey

Miami distillery Granddad Jack’s drops a batch of new-age whiskey

Miami-based purveyors of quality spirits Granddad Jack’s will drop its first-ever batch of limited-release whiskey this weekend – and it’s called It’s Not Whiskey. So, while it is whiskey, there are a bunch of odd rules that say it can’t be called that. Technicalities aside – it’s delicious, there are less than 100 bottles being released, and you need to get your paws on some. Here’s how …

Granddad Jack’s will release its first-ever whiskies – both bourbon-style and single-malt varieties – this Saturday June 22. This highly anticipated release is a celebration of the 100th birthday of the Granddad Jack’s namesake – the great grandfather of distillery co-founder Luke Ridden, who loved a ‘neat’ single malt in his time. So, are you wondering why it’s called It’s Not Whiskey? Well, Luke has explained to us that for a spirit to be called a ‘whiskey’ or ‘whisky’ in Australia, it needs to be aged in a wooden barrel for a minimum of two years.

So, this new release is essentially a product of new-age thinking, where the Granddad Jack’s team have achieved top-notch whiskies in around 10 months with the use of smaller, 20-litre craft barrels, which are carefully nurtured to perfect the age. While this new Miami-made expression is created in the same way that great whiskies are made, the law forbids Granddad Jack’s to call it that – so, they ran with It’s Not Whiskey. There will be just 41 bottles of single malt and 50 of the bourbon-style whiskey dropping to the public – so, if you’re keen to get your own bottles of what are the first Gold Coast-made whiskies, then you’ll want to be part of the exclusive pre-release tasting event this Saturday June 22 at the Miami distillery. You can RSVP via this link.

Image credit: Desert Island Media and Matty Holland 

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