What's poppin'? Golden Gaytime popcorn, that's what

What’s poppin’? Golden Gaytime popcorn, that’s what

There are few things etched in childhood memories quite like a Golden Gaytime ice-cream. An enduring symbol of summertime happiness, the frozen national treasure has lent its name and signature crumb to spark joy in a whole new way. Friends and fellow sugar fiends, Golden Gaytime popcorn is a thing and it’s a hard yes from us.

The iconic ice-cream, which boasts the long-held slogan ‘it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own’, has branched out into a much more shareable format – popcorn. Marrying the hallmark vanilla-biscuit crumbs with the toffee you know and love, Golden Gaytime popcorn is guaranteed to ignite more than a little bit of nostalgia. The moreish morsels come in two delightful new flavours – there’s original, which is coated in lashings of crisp toffee, as well as an ever-popular chocolate option, and good luck stopping at just one handful (bag).

Golden Gaytime popcorn is available to snag from Coles supermarkets now so go ahead and add five to your cart. While you’re there, you may as well add in a cheeky one-litre tub of ice-cream because we’re just going to put it out there that the only thing better than Golden Gaytime ice-cream is Golden Gaytime ice-cream topped with Golden Gaytime popcorn. Sorry dentist.

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