Learn to appreciate great coffee at Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social

Learn to appreciate great coffee at Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social

Whether you refuse to start your day without it or you just enjoy the occasional pick-me-up, you’re invited to the first Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social at Caffeine Kings in Miami.

Join Australia’s best roaster for 2014/15, Mark Leo, for a spot of cupping (coffee tasting), try your hand at a little latte art with Timothy Sweet, the manager and barista of Broadbeach’s Base Espresso, and discover some alternative brewing methods with Caffeine Kings’ bearded barista Sinisa Misic (aka Skinny) at the Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social. The all-inclusive event is being held on Sunday October 25 from 3:00 pm and is designed to bring people together over a shared love of coffee, foster a collaborative and sustainable coffee culture on the Gold Coast and educate coffee drinkers on the difference between specialty coffee that costs upwards of $90 per kilogram as compared with commercial varieties that cost $5.

The event will take you through the process from seed to cup and touch on the origins of coffee, grading, roasting and finally brewing so you can ultimately make more informed choices when it comes to your morning brew. The Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social will also offer live music, art and there will even be a food truck on hand if you find yourself a touch peckish. The event is free to attend but if you can spare a few bucks, Child Vision will be there raising money for a great cause. If you love coffee, head along to Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Social on Sunday afternoon.

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