The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh
The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh
The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh
The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh
The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh

The round-up: the Gold Coast’s top gluten-free nosh

Nowadays gluten has become a bit of a dirty word. If you’re one of the lucky ones that can easily digest it, well, that’s excellent for you but if you’re one of the increasing number of people who can’t then you know all to well that the struggle of eating out is real. From unsolicited eye rolls to the merciless mocking from your mates, we hear you, digestively challenged friends. To ease the pain, we’ve round-up some of the coast’s top gluten-free nosh.

BSKT: Known for dishing up unadulterated, nutrient-rich foods, BSKT is a celiac’s dream with plenty of gluten-free options to choose from including the super fluffy super berry cacao pancakes with crushed macadamias, sweet yoghurt and coconut sorbet. Just be sure to save room for a serve of CocoWhip – it’s gluten free, vegan and 100 percent delicious.

Burgster: Just because you don’t enjoy gluten doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sinking your teeth into Burgster’s ridiculously tasty BFC (Burgster Fried Chicken) burg’ – they have gluten-free buns or you can shun the bun and get it cupped between two crisp lettuce leaves, it just means more room for eggplant chips.

Fiery Deli: If you’re not yet acquainted with Fiery Deli in Burleigh Heads, prepare your tastebuds for a culinary journey filled with amazingly fresh arepas (Venezuela’s answer to the taco) that are bursting with chicken, chunky avocado and coriander, hefty bowls of nachos as well as patacones, which are fritters made from green plantains and loaded with delicious toppings. Best of all, the Latin-inspired menu is gluten and dairy free – hurrah! Make sure you also keep an eye out for the Fiery Deli food truck rolling around the streets of the coast.

Gemellini: While some gluten-free pizza bases could actually pass as cardboard, Gemellini’s on the other hand, will pretty much change your life. Think we’re being dramatic? Just wait until you try one, even non gluten-free friends are jumping on board.

Goodness Gracias: Saving you from hanger, Palm Beach’s Goodness Gracias fills the void for delicious, fresh takeaway food that doesn’t break the bank. All of the venue’s mighty tasty meals can be made gluten-free as they make everything to order. Our top pick? The bread envy bowl with a mandatory slice of vegan chilli chocolate brownie. It’s heaven on a takeaway plate.

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar: ‘Anything you can do, we can do vegan’ is the unofficial mantra of Greenhouse Canteen + Bar but you could almost add ‘and gluten-free’ to the end with about 90 percent of the plant-based menu sans gluten. Feast on a deliciously (fake) cheesy jackfruit enchilada loaded with smoked jackfruit, which looks and feels just like pulled-pork in texture, and topped with Mexican cashew cheese, sour cream, cabbage and guacamole. The Vietnamese pancake also has its fair share of fans.

Jimmy Wah’s: Named after the local watering hole in the 1987 Robin Williams flick Good Morning, Vietnam, Jimmy Wah’s has become an instant favourite among gluten-free friends thanks to its ridiculously crispy, gluten-free spring rolls with nouc cham, Vietnamese pancake with pork belly and soft shell crab with papaya. In fact, the majority of Jimmy Wah’s menu is gluten-free but no one would judge you if you just ordered five helpings of the spring rolls for yourself.

Mandala Organic Arts Cafe: Hidden in plain sight off the Gold Coast Highway, Mandala Organic Arts Cafe is challenging the perception that vegan (and gluten-free) food is somehow void of taste with coconut flour waffles loaded with grilled banana, almond cream and natural maple syrup and nachos heaped with Mexican-style beans, cashew cheese, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa.

Marie Anita’s: Marie Anita’s gluten-free health cafe offers a solely gluten free and sugar free menu designed to provide dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and raw alternatives, so you’re amongst friends here. The dippy eggs with organic sorghum toast and streaky bacon always goes down a treat but then again, it’s hard to go past the vegan French toast with caramelised organic banana, pure maple syrup and organic coconut yoghurt.

The Cardamom Pod Brickworks: No need to feel uncomfortable asking which of the pretty plates are gluten free because they’re all gluten free! Come at us cornmeal waffles, get in my belly Numtella (no, that’s not a typo, that’s their healthy, homemade Nutella alternative) pumpkin protein pancakes.

The Good Wolf: With two menus, The Good Wolf in Miami puts even the best intentions to the test but the crispy fried tom yum marinated tofu with brown rice, fresh Asian greens and fragrant coconut sauce is definitely a winner in our books and more than worthy of its place on the list.

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