Your summer drink order is sorted – say hello to frosé

Your summer drink order is sorted – say hello to frosé

As soon as the warm weather hits, we start making plans for how we’re going to spend our summer. While some of you might be planning on learning to play frolf (frisbee golf), the only fr-word we’re interested in this season is frosé. You know, frozen rosé.

Way back in chilly August, we predicted that frosé was going to be our drink of choice for the summer ahead. Little did we know we were opening the doors to a serious craze – since then we’ve seen a bunch of other media jump on our frosé-vibing bandwagon, and so they should! Thankfully it wasn’t only other media that jumped on board – Jupiters’ Garden Kitchen & Bar heard our call and came to the party! You can now get delicious frosé there, perfect timing for the sweet, sweet warm months.

So what even is frosé and why are we so obsessed, you ask? Straight up – it’s frozen rosé. The concoction was the result of beautiful, heat-struck curiosity at Bar Primi in New York – the team wondered what would happen to rosé if it were put into a slushie machine. After a few trials the perfect recipe was created, and the frozen-drink gods presented us with the glory that is frosé. We’ve always be partial to a crisp glass of rosé on a balmy afternoon, and while wine snobs might turn their nose up at the idea of a wine slushie, we’re all for it. Slurpee + wine = the ultimate adult thirst quencher.

P.S. If you’ve decided this is the summer of the house party, get on board and make your own!

Image credit: Alfred & Constance

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